06/02/2023 - 02:25pm - Friday
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I'm glad I reminded my Rizline contact about the cover art! there was a network error, and the file never sent. but now the song is released/releasing and I can rest easy. check it out or something.

06/01/2023 - 05:08pm - Thursday
currently at: work

hihi to any dandeless followers that follow me close enough to be reading this, if you exist, I'm greatful. It's weird to see my spotify stats increase in a straight line, the impostor syndrome hits hard every time I look at them... close to 100 spotify followers and close to 300 twitter followers... weird stuff. I understand it's not a whole lot of people in the grand scheme of things but hundreds of individuals who like what I do enough to click the follow button on the internet is pretty crazy, and intimidating to say the least. if I know anything about statistics, a straight line is a pretty good, so I guess I just gotta keep on doing what I'm doing and presumably higher numbers will continue to fall into my lap? I've even seen the listen count on some of my non-phigros music go up, weird! (side note: I still haven't heard back from the devs since I first asked for art for my Rizline song, and as I write this, I've poked my contact once again, maybe it'll go well, maybe it won't, who knows, who cares, I can move on from a 2 year old song

I hate talking about statistics and business! in other news, I have started putting more effort into being creative and using the time I have to do the things I want! being alive in this world is a draining activity, but I think there is so much beauty in the world that it would be genuinely idiotic not to try to create and consume and laze and work and cry and sing and dance and do all of the things that make life worth living. slightly related: I want to make a video game. this isn't the first time I've ever thought this, and it's certainly not the first time I've ever tried to make one, but while it usually ends up with me giving up, I've had a shift in mindset; even if I give up (which I should try my best not to) or forget, or become overzealous with my vision, I should just keep trying. eventually my skills will be enough and the pieces will fall into place, and I can make something I'm satisfied with. of course it won't be possible if I take the "eventually" as reason to disconnect from learning, but if I keep trying and doing what the fuck I wanna do, I might get there, and that would be cool.

anyways, I'm going to ride the wave of optimism as far as I can, and use my brain as much as I can. good bye

05/26/2023 - 12:11pm - Friday
currently: cat sitting

next project: yuruyuru!
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be posting about this, but I won't spoil anything! I hope I can get all the charts finished by the due date.

after that: BOF:NT!
I have cool plans for this as well, involving a rejected song contest entry, and some other cool stuff.

Besides projects, I don't have much else going on. I'ts summertime, and I haven't had much mental energy to do much of anything, my room in particular is in complete disarray... Once the fall semester starts, I'll have a few classes to go to, so that's great, I guess.
I wish I had more to blog about, but of course, the second I start typing, I forget everything I wanted to talk about. goodbye!

01/28/2023 - 02:44pm - Saturday
currently at: work

Hello! Forgive my use of capital letters for the first time in dandeless history, but I've now been in school for a few weeks and my non-capital muscle memory is really not doing me any favors there... I'm not taking many credits so that I'm not overwhelmed with learning how to engage in school again, but I'm engaging in school for the first time in years and it feels great! I've got a few BMS projects on the horizon, and I mentioned in a previous post that I should learn Mid2BMS, and now that I have, my life has been better! Mid2BMS doesn't cover all the bases, and it can be incredibly finnicky to work with, but the ability to mass export my songs is an incredible tool. Anyways so now I have multiple BMS projects ready and waiting to be charted, which means I don't have to grind and grind and grind right before the due date, leaving me way more time to work on BGAs, charts, troubleshooting, and even just playing BMS in general. I have much more to say, but not much time (or energy) to type it. See u next blog!


11/17/2022 - 02:06pm - Wednesday
currently at: a tea shop

I am blogging once again, and feeling much better than I was in my last post. I am working toward finishing the next BMS I'm releasing, it's going to have a lot of jacks. I finally took some steps towards getting back in school, which is great! the pandemic brought my high school life to a life altering dead-end during my junior year, I was stuck at home with an overwhelming environment that was impossible to work in and absolutely no motivation to attend online classes, which to me essentially did not even exist. I just barely made it out of high school and have now been working and living on my own (with help from my parents, bless them) and with the virus becoming endemic, I feel loads more comfortable to start going to school again. It's not news to anyone the effects of the pandemic, if I told you I still feel very isolated and haven't had a normal social life for years, you would be like "yeah obviously", but it doesn't stop it from affecting me greatly. anyways, whether I actually start this upcoming semester or the next, I'm immortalizing my intent here so that I can't go back without embarassing myself. blog #? over.

11/14/2022 - 11:58pm - Monday
currently at: home

greetings. I am very tired and just not feeling it rn. not much to say honestly just not feeling good. might not be a good time to be blogging on main but I couldn't think of anything else to do right now. We recently got kitties in the house, and they have been the cutest most sweetest boys ever, one is named greg, the other is named wallace. greg is currently napping next to me, and idk where wallace is. I've got a few BMS projects ready for the coming months, both of which I'm quite excited about! otherwise, I am thinking of starting school again soon, but I forget about it almost every single day so getting in at the start of next semester might be more difficult than I want it to be. (through no fault but my own lol) that's all I got for this post. thanks for reading.

10/02/2022 - 04:54pm - Wednesday
currently at: a tea shop

hello! in a tea shop rn and a baby is being loud as fuck. loud ass toddler, so fucking loud jesus christ. crying n shit omigod shut up. I was gonna write a normal blog post but then the toddler started malding holy shit that was obnoxious. anyways hi! I'm currently in a bit of a stuck place right now, I just got finished with running my basement rave, releasing my second album, doing work for BMS of Fighters, and a bunch of other little things. I've been stressed for weeks and weeks and now that I'm over that hump, I'm feeling very... meh. My party went really well and I made a good amt of money off my album release so far, but I think I should be doing more advertising for it.. if it weren't for my grandma I wouldn't have even made more than my last album, which wasn't as good. I really don't want to have to start learning how to advertise myself but I'm not sure how else to position myself to be valuable. not that I personally care that much about it, I just want to make it easier for me to work part time and still make some money off of my music. I understand that's a very difficult thing to do, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it. so anyways, I'm just not sure what to do, I might make some more videos for songs on the album and release them on youtube, see if I can get any buyers there, I of course wan't to make all of them into BMS but that's a very long, difficult road. I still don't feel comfortable converting songs to BMS from FL Studio. any song I make in Renoise is such an easy conversion to BMS, but less than 10% of my music is made there, and like I said before, I'm not at all comfortable converting with FL. the midi>bmhelper>woslicer>BMS IN ADDITION TO sample>woslicer>BMS takes fucking forever. I saw billiumoto had an english guide to mid2bms and I really should read up on it, cause I've heard the tool is great. In reality, if rokina's BMSMaker was less buggy, less janky, and had clear instructions, that would be the best, but decades into BMS, we still have no "best tool" and it's driving me a little bit crazy... anyways, I can't really wish things into existence like that, the tools we have are the tools we have, and I should just get better rather than complain. if I medicated myself for ADHD, I bet I could get a lot more done.
I think my BMS work is going to happen, just because I can't keep myself away from it, I'm just drawn to it by default, but other projects I want to do, I want to make a little zine and distribute it in my hometown. it would give me an excuse to do some art and interact more with my city. I struggle with depression (if you couldn't tell by how much time I spend on the internet) and literally anything that gets me out of the house is good.
I'm basically run out of rants for now. see you next blog post I guess, hope you're having a great day today.

09/06/2022 - 11:33am - Tuesday
currently at: home

hihi folks, big gap in posts, I wish that meant there was a lot to talk about but my brain doesn't keep that much information at once.

it's been a while since I last participated in any BMS event with full effort, so I'm excited for BOFET, which is coming up very, very soon. I think we have a really cool lineup and I'm just excited for it to all release. of course as a group, we're nowhere near done, so I'm crossing my fingers that I don't end up looking really stupid if everything goes totally wrong (/ω\) along with all the BMS stuff (btw check the site here ) I've been working on and basically have an entire album complete and ready to release~! of course I have to wait until I've release my BMS stuff so that I'm not breaking BOF rules... also I need some time to advertise, cause I need money! speaking of money, I'm probably gonna try to start DJing lol. I actually just like it and want to have fun but honestly if I do a good job and people offer me gigs, I'll absolutely do it. of course I also simultaneously want to start school again and maybe take some audio related classes, but I'm not super certain about that, nor am I certain of anything! I don't neccecarily have the best ability to commit to ideas lol. I'm currently trying to deal with the fact that bmswiki is just being filled with spam almost every other week and I'm really getting tired of it. thankfully the newest bout of spam is just bots, I really don't appreciate whoever decided to fill the wiki with slurs and dox someone, that was fucked up. Is it really so hard to create a place where information can be shared freely? (the answer is obviously yes, I work at a library, I'm well aware free information is bound to bring a lot of strange faces no matter how many safeguards you enforce)

alnog with all the other shit I'm trying to do right now, I'm ALSO trying to organize some of my older releases, make them a bit prettier, get them in the same places, etc. so if you happen to read this and listen to my music all the time (very low crossover) just be aware.
I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say for now... actually lemme just give a bit of a teaser for the album for anyone who reads this lol

04/27/2022 - 6:04pm - Wednesday
currently at: work

time for my monthly post...
didn't get an interview for a position I applied for, still haven't got a call back from the local arcade, feeling a little demotivated. but overall life is pretty good, I dropped one of my jobs because it was driving me insane and for the most part it was a good idea but it does mean I'm working with a lot less money now. part of my reasoning for dropping the job was that I wanted more time to be creative and make stuff. I hope I won't be too depressed over the next few months and actually do something creative. I hope that rather than having to find another job later on I can just find a single job I can stick to. I really don't have enough energy to move from job to job, and I'll resist and deny the possibility that I might have to suck it up and do it for as long as I can. I live right next area with a lot of poverty and it's been really awful to see so many homeless and struggling people come in to work, only for me to head over to the west side of town to play dance games. that side of town is nauseating, so many upper middle class people living in a true capitalist wasteland... I can't stand it. not that the east side is that much better but I would still much rather be over here.

03/28/2022 - 7:03pm - Thursday
currently at: work

currently really enjoying shmups. I'm super glad I randomly purchased mushihimesama when it got it's switch port because now I cannot stop playing shmups! mainly CAVE games because I got hooked on the aesthetics but the genre as a whole is really enthralling to me right now. I started working on my own shmup but every time I want to work on it I just get completely overwhelmed with how much work there is to do. I really need to find some people who can do this stuff who aren't me...

02/10/2022 - 7:10pm - Thursday
currently at: work

the nintendo direct aired yesterday and its still on my mind. really happy that klonoa is getting remasters, not only because the fans are happy, but because I'll get to fully experience it for the first time! I'm similarly excited that Earthbound is on the switch now, I do still think the library nintendo of has provided could be better overall... not sure what the holdup is for so many games but I hope it's because they are getting their artists paid for their old work, I don't assume that's what it is because I certainly don't trust nintendo but for the sake of their employees, I hope that's what is happening. similarly, I'm very happy with the mario kart 8 DLC, I know people are angry there's not a new mario kart game yet, but I think that sticking with this engine and producing more content is a really good idea, and I'm excited for these stages. the price point is pretty low too, for as much new content as it's going to be.

01/21/2022 - 6:11pm - Friday
currently at: work

today we started the slow, slow process of moving my girlfriend into my apartment, exciting! we started with moving her pc setup which is set up right next to mine and looks very cute. we also went to home depot to get some paint cause we're gonna paint the "big room" we're gonna be in together, gf and my roommate started the process on the big room while I've been at work and I can't wait til it's all finished, the colors are gonna be yellowish green for our room and a different green for my roommate. we started this process at what I would describe as incredibly inconvenient because we're coming real real close to the due date for a BMS event we've already poured a lot of work into. I would be really sad if we don't make it but we're already so tired from everything else going on, hopefully tomorrow we can get a huge amount done! life is so busy recently...

01/13/2022 - 6:13pm - Thursday
currently at: work

here's a haiku:

forever working
toward thoughts stuck in the future
pee pee poo poo swag

that is all.

01/12/2022 - 4:01pm - Wednesday
currently at: work

hello! my name is dandeless (not in real life of course) and this is the start of my blog! I really enjoy making music and I also enjoy rhythm games, those interests frequently cross over, and most of what I do revolves around them.
I've been composing for about 6 years now starting in around middle school when I discovered a game called "Cave Story" and it's music software, which despite being a very strange way to begin composing, it's led to some very cool stuff. this site attempts to archive what I do and it does an ok job at it I suppose. I've dug myself into a very niche hole of interests where I'm sure any regular person looking at my twitter or the stuff I do would have no idea what is going on, I like it like that, and I enjoy having unique interests that only a few people can fully understand. even so, I wish I could do something to share my interests with the greater public in a concise and fun way, there is so much talent involved in rhythm games that I wish the whole world could see and understand what makes them so amazing and unique. lastly, if you ever want to collaborate or invite me to a project, DM me on twitter or wherever you can find me, I love to share my skills!