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out on the pier - lollipop




Ack, where'd summer go!?!?

It's getting cold, it's starting to rain more, and above all else, the days are shorter (seriously, you can't see anything past 8 PM now).

So let's try to combat these changing times with a happy-go-lucky tune to bring back memories of a fun jazzy summer's day at the beachside! We've got some bass strumming, piano hammering, and rhodes tingling action all packed into a nice, concise package (and don't forget the drums)!

Jazz is a genre which features relatively well in BMS, but maybe not as well as we'd hope. Isn't it fun to solo over some chord changes? Chromatic scales, dominants with flattened ninths, you name it; we'll revel in tonal euphony 'till the sun goes down (which, as I've previously mentioned, is pretty early).

Huge thanks to teammates dandeless and LuvTek for charting, for I sure didn't have enough time to wham out charts before the first registration deadline, and equally great thanks to snake_ribs and dandeless for assistance in the visuals department.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and don't forget to enjoy life, even if life is shaping up to be mighty unenjoyable. (!!)