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hello! this is dandeless, the team leader.

this year, I'm bringing a somber feeling to BOF:ET -Summer Dream Traveller-
as the seasons change, and the heat dissipates, the water remains, but only as a reminder of the months prior.

I feel as though autumn is the only time of the year I can truly feel a change in my life. and it being that time of the year, I can certainly feel my life changing again.
change tends to be a positive thing, but once I smell that dry air, the scent of my past joins with my present and I can remember all the things that have gone wrong.
it's impossible to escape your worst moments, but that doesn't mean you have to regret them all. I've left many of my autumns the same way I've left my summers, wishing I could try again.
but if I never left, how can I move forward? I hope those I left behind can move forward. I hope those that left me behind have moved forward. more importantly, I hope those I bring along don't mind the change.

I hope my works bring you the joy that I feel making them.
I remember when I was in high school, I'd look through the portfolios of small and large artists to piece together their story in my mind.
that's the kind of joy I hope to bring to some one, maybe even you!